It’s Time to Get Triggered!

If you’re a classic cartoons fan (as I am), you’ve probably heard that HBO Max and Warner Brothers are producing a new series of Warner Brothers “Looney Tunes” cartoons now airing on HBO.

However, in this new series Elmer Fudd – the slightly obese, absent-minded, slightly uncoordinated hunter (oops, I meant “weight, mentally, and coordination challenged stalker”) occasionally in pursuit of that “wascally wabbit!” – will be doing so without his signature shotgun.

Now, the use of exaggerated slapstick was a staple of classic “Looney Tunes” cartoons, and that included the improper use of firearms: In addition to Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam, Egghead, Daffy Duck, and even Bugs himself all used them at one time or another. But, apparently, guns are dangerous, people are irresponsible, and accidents happen, so they’ve been written off as being politically incorrect.

To commemorate another example of re-writing history modernizing old stuff, I now present perhaps the one single Warner Brothers “Merry Melodies” Elmer-Fudd-versus-Bugs-Bunny cartoon which contains enough social “triggers” to make up for all the new cartoons which will lack both triggers and their firearms: See how many triggers you can find!

“Fresh Hare” (1942), produced by Leon Schlesinger, written by Michael Maltese and animated by Manuel Perez

(WARNING: Those who trigger easily should not watch the last 30 seconds of this cartoon. You’ve been warned.)

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