Wall of Confusion…

…that’s what the World needs today?

2016-2019: Border Walls are BAD! June 2020: Border Walls are GOOD!
“It’s infuriating to see [US-Mexico] wall construction ramp up, actually be accelerated, when the people who are fighting wall construction are now required to do that from the confines of their living rooms [because of the COVID-19 virus]” Jordahl said.” “It followed astonishing developments in Seattle, where protesters set up the so-called ‘Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone’ or CHAZ, set up barricades and armed checkpoints, and stated that police are not allowed within the zone.”
- Source: “It’s Infuriating’: Critics Say Border Wall Still Going Up When They Can’t Protest, By REYNALDO LEAÑOS JR., May 1, 2020, https://www.npr.org/ - Source:Trump says domestic terrorists have taken over Seattle and demands that CHAZ be recaptured“, By Jacky Last updated Jun 11, 2020, https://whatsnew2day.com/

As for the title of my post, it’s a play on the popular 1970 song by The Temptations titled “Ball of Confusion (That’s What the World is Today)“: Check the lyrics out, you may be surprised at how nothing seems to have changed in 50 years.

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