It’s the 2020 Democrats’ “Campain Platform”!

After listening Democrat (P)residential Candidate Joe Biden campaining from his basement, socially-distanced rooms, and custom-tailored town halls, Vice (P)residential Candidate Kamala Harris campaining from her Twitter account, and each of them campaining from a one-on-one debate with Trump and Pence, I believe I have a fairly good idea of the Democrats’ 2020 Campain Platform.

2020 Democratic Campain Platform

  • Open Borders – Borders are just invisible lines, after all.
  • Universal Basic Income – Why work when the money is free? And, we all know Capitalism only increases poverty. (FYI: Capitalism actually reduces poverty.)
  • Free College – Let “the rich” pay for that 4-year, $122,000 Degree in “Ancient Basket Weaving Techniques“, c’mon man!
  • A bore shun on demand, at any time, and free – It’s your choice to have the kids YOU want, when YOU want, and the way YOU want them to be, even if YOU can’t afford them!
  • Reparations – It’s about time ray shall injustice instantly and forever stopped using a one-time payment to people who never directly suffered!
  • Wealth Redistribution – When everyone is equally poor, everyone’s RICH! (However, don’t take the money of the ruling class, we earned it!)
  • End the 2nd Amendment – Making all guns illegal means we’re only shooting the criminals, right?
  • End the 5th Amendment – Self-incrimination is impossible when your car, cellphone, smart watch, smart appliances, Siri/Alexa, street cameras, security drones, and orbiting satellites are available to testify for the prosecution.
  • Abolish the Senate – In a true democracy it one vote per person, not one vote per 20,000,000 people like California.
  • Abolish the Electoral College – In a true democracy why do we have a bunch of people voting to override the people’s vote? It’s like one parent contradicting the other parent when the kids ask if they can go out to play!
  • “America the Average!” – Most people believe America is “the best country in the world“, but America’s Nationalism, Patriotism, Freedoms, individual rights, self-determination, personal responsibility, and religious freedom has created a country that’s greedy, selfish, powerful, imposing, and too rich, causing other countries to suffer. Let’s stop this by making America “Average”, just like most of the rest of the world.

Frankly, I suspect I’ll be voting for the other ticket in November.

FYI: If you’ve made it this far and want to read the actual 2020 Democrat Party Platform you can find the entire 92-page Socialist Utopia Manifesto…oops…”Platform” here (with thanks to curmudgeon VN Veteran!)

Thanks for Reading!

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