America’s “Exceptional” Security?

In case you’ve been too busy being insecure over your Holiday Gift choices, the COVID-19 virus, or the 2020 Election results here’s something really big you may have missed:

Sometime between March and June 2020 Perhaps as early as October, 2019 a computer company called SolarWinds apparently updated a portion of their Orion softwareused to monitor computer networks running under Microsoft Windows – with a software file called “SolarWinds.Orion.Core.BusinessLayer.dll” which might have contained a error.

The error allowed one or more “foreign actors” to exploit the error in the software, load malicious programs called SUNBURST, SUPERNOVA, and CosmicGale, and hack into the computer data networks of various US Government Agencies and perhaps thousands of companies.

  • US Department of the Treasuryhacked.
  • US Department of Commerce….hacked.
  • US Department of Statehacked.
  • US Department of Homeland Security….hacked.
  • US Department of Defense….hacked.
  • US Department of Energy….hacked.
  • US Nuclear Security Administration….hacked.
  • US Department of Health & Human Services….hacked.
  • City of Austin, TX Computer System….hacked.
  • Cisco Systems….hacked.
  • Intel Corporation….hacked.
  • Microsoft Corporation….hacked.
  • …perhaps 140 or more Firms, Cities, and Government Agencies….hacked.
    …perhaps up to 425 of the world’s Fortune 500 Companies….hacked.

    But, in the midst of perhaps the most devastating computer attack ever known, this fact should make you feel oh-so-secure:

    Now, doesn’t that make you feel more secure in the 2020 Election results? Are you sure?

    Thanks for Reading!

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