10,000,000 Wuhan Fans Can’t be Wrong

Way back in 1962 RCA Victor Records re-released an album of Elvis Presley’s Greatest Hits with the title “50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can’t be Wrong.” Rumor is the 50 million represented the number of fans who tuned into the Ed Sullivan Show in 1956 to watch him sing. The album (at left) had the immensely popular singer duplicated all over the cover, and why not? His music was literally infectious.

And, speaking of “infectious”, a medical paper published “way back” in November, 2020 – right after the 2020 Presidential Election – seems to indicate that 10,000,000 Wuhan City test subjects can’t be wrong (or is it “can’t be ‘Wong?)

Here’s the Study Paper:

Cao, S., Gan, Y., Wang, C. et al. “Post-lockdown SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid screening in nearly ten million residents of Wuhan, China.” Nat Commun 11, 5917 (2020). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41467-020-19802-w

If you like, download the entire paper, it’s free: Just click here.

Who got tested? The number of Wuhan City residents who…

…were tested for COVID-19: 9,899,828
(92% of the city)
…had no previous diagnosis of COVID-19: 9,865,404
…previously had COVID-19 and recovered: 34,424

What were the results?

How many people who felt sick tested positive for COVID-19? None.
How many people who felt fine tested positive for COVID-19? 300
How many of those 300 actually had COVID-19? 190
How many of the 1174 people tracked to those 190 people tested positive for COVID-19? None.
How many of the 34,424 who already recovered from COVID-19 tested positive again? 170

What does it all mean?

Of almost 10 million people tested for COVID-19 in a densely-populated city, those who were sick didn’t have COVID-19, an extremely small number of people who said they felt fine had COVID-19 but didn’t infect anyone else, and a very small number of people who already had COVID-19 were reinfected.

Bottom line?

Assuming we can trust the Chinese – who withheld critical information about their COVID-19 pandemic from the entire world when it first emerged in China – the COVID-19 pandemic had become a COVID-19 “annoyance”.

And, a tip of the ol’ Red Sox cap to Monica Showalter at American Thinker for the inspiration to write this entry.

NOTE: The Study Paper was released under a Creative Commons Attributions 4.0 International License. No modifications to the paper were made by this posting.

Thanks for Reading!

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