Know Your “Impeachments”!

On January 13th, 2021 – with less than 7 days left in his Presidency – President Donald J. Trump was impeached by the Democrat-controlled U. S. House of Representatives on the sole Article of “INCITEMENT OF INSURRECTION” based on a single speech he delivered to the Nation on January 6th, 2021.

A really short, and hardly legal or complete, explanation of “Impeachment”:

Impeach: im·peach /imˈpēCH/ – verb

1. to charge with misconduct (in the USA, to charge a holder of public office)
2. to call into question the integrity or validity of.

Unlike an offense tried in a Court of Law, where charges must be brought with sufficient evidence, the accused is presumed innocent and enjoy the benefit of legal counsel, witnesses swear to tell the Truth under penalty of perjury, evidence is presented to a jury of fair-minded and impartial peers, facts can be challenged, and appeal to a higher court is available if judged guilty, an impeachment only requires:

  1. half or more of the Representatives in the US House to vote for the charges they’ve written, and
  2. 2/3rds of the Senators in the US Senate to vote to convict the person accused of the charges.

Think of an “Impeachment” as a “Complaint”, like a teacher sending you home with a note to your parent(s), or your boss filing a letter with the company’s Human Resources department, saying they didn’t like something you did or said.

That said, Let’s review History:

1868: Democrat President Andrew Johnson

Impeached by both Chambers of Congress for preventing the GOP from giving equal rights under the United States Constitution’s 13th Amendment to people of color freed by President Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation.
Click to read more about it.

1998: Democrat President Bill “BJ” Clinton

Impeached by the GOP House for lying to Congress under oath about year-and-a-half extramarital workplace affair with a subordinate while President
Click to read more about it.

2019: President Donald Trump

Impeached by the Democrat-controlled House for executing his Constitutional right to legally fight the Democrat US House’s subpoenas for information regarding an alleged “Quid Pro Quo” with Ukraine which was ultimately shown not to exist.
Click to read more about it.

2021: President Donald Trump

Impeached by the Democrat-controlled House for executing his Constitutional right of Free Speech to tell the American People to exercise their First Amendment Right to freely and peaceably assembly, petition the Government, submit their grievances via free press, and to seek redress regarding a Presidential Election Process nearly 77% of Republican voters and even 34% of Democrat voters believe was conducted improperly to the advantage of the Democrat Party.

And, President Trump’s so-called “Impeachable statements“?

“I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard…Together we are determined to defend and preserve government of the people, by the people and for the people.”
- President Trump, speech to the Nation, January 6th, 2021

Beyond January 20th, 2021: Anyone in America

Impeached by the State for speaking or acting in a manner contrary to State, regardless of adherence to relevant laws or legal precedents

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