An Open Letter to the Breitbart News Network

Below is an email I sent to the Breitbart News Network on January 15, 2021. As I have not heard from them as of this date I’ve published it for comment.

As of 12:55 PM on January 15th, 2021 I have been informed by your comments service Disqus of the following:

‘We are unable to post your comment because you have been banned by Breitbart News Network. Find out more.’

Note my website – available here: – is a legitimate, personal, non-commercial, website which has been in publication since March 2, 2011 and respects all intellectual property rights.

If you could kindly inform me of the exact reason or reasons for your ban, including reference to specific language in your Terms of Use (aka: Comment Policy) as dated June 3, 2015 and published here – – it would be greatly appreciated.

I have every full confidence that either your ban is without merit or basis, or if so such merit is of such trivial nature it can be easily and quickly remedied to the satisfaction of all parties.

Please note I prefer to remain anonymous as it minimizes personal risk; this statement is not meant to suggest or imply that Breitbart, its’ affiliates, employees, or advertisers is placing or has placed my person at risk at any time.

Finally, I’m sure you are aware, as many of your readers and advertisers are, that we are collectively as a country walking along a slippery slope of what defines “Free Speech”. While I recognize, understand, and appreciate your business is yours to legally conduct as you wish, including deciding who to conduct business with, I also recognize, understand, and appreciate such decisions could result in one becoming as evil as the evil they wish to avoid or prevent.

I await your response and thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter.


The MUSEman


One of the last comments I made on Breitbart read, as best as I can recall:

“Yep, looks like I’ve just received:
‘Hold on, your comment is waiting to be approved by the Breitbart News Network”
Going to go outside and watch the tectonic plates shift slightly while I wait.”

And why did I write “as best as I can recall“? Because it appears to have been the first comment removed from Breitbart after I was banned. They’ve already started making me an “unperson” as I write this.

(Breitbart’s response – if in fact they do respond – will appear here.)

In the meantime…
Enjoy this quote from their founder Andrew Breitbart:

Andrew Breitbart quote

Watch a Breitbart reporter describe how
Big Tech is actively censoring conservative content:

And finally, read how since 2016 Breitbart lost over 90% of their Advertisers (perhaps because their ads may be too expensive and might not work) and 86% of their viewers (from 45 million in 2016 to 6.4 million in February, 2018).

One might think it’s a bad business model for a Company to talk about their being banned by Liberal America while banning their own supporters…but, who knows?

Thanks for Reading!

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