Here’s Where I Wail about Walls.

“Before I built a wall I’d ask to know
What I was walling in or walling out,
And to whom I was like to give offense.”
– Robert Frost, “Mending Wall“, published 1914

Apparently, security preparations for the inauguration of former Democrat Senator and Vice (p)Resident Joe Robinette Biden as our Nation’s 46th President include a wall being built around Washington D.C.’s Capitol Building and the billeting of up to perhaps 28,000 troops. (BTW, that’s more troops in Washington D.C. since the Civil War’s Battle of Fort Stevens on the outskirts of Washington, D.C. in 1864…but, I digress)

Part of me believes these are simply prudent security measures, but most of me thinks it’s convenient symbolism directed to a purpose. After all, while the business of the American People is business, the business of politicians is politics.

Why? Imagine a ceremony where just before the swearing-in a group of angry people aggressively test out the security only to fail miserably. In the inaugural speech following his swearing in the new (p)Resident then talks about the wall and its’  intimidating military force being ugly reminders and obsolete vestiges of many the “failures” by the past administration which brought “our Democracy” to the “brink of destruction”, the speech ultimately culminating in an uplifting, inspiring finish where our new (p)Resident – misappropriating Ronald Reagan’s famous 1987 speech – states he’s going to “tear down the walls” stopping the USA from a bright, shiny, democratic, egalitarian future of equal results. If his speechwriter is smart they’ll even have Biden quote Robert Frost.

Of course, not only would literal walls be torn down, like the border wall between the United States and Mexico, but also the many figurative “walls of inequality” surrounding Income (“Rich vs. Poor“), Possessions (“Haves and Have Nots“), Healthcare (“the masses of uninsured“), Housing (“unaffordable“), Education (“expensive tuitions“), Nutrition (“food poverty“), Peaceful co-existence (“deadly firearms“, “hateful speech“, etc.), and Race (“racial inequality“), among others.

We already know this from the Democrat Party’s 2020 Campaign Platform (Click here for the pdf), Joe Biden’s vision to “Build Back America Better“, and Biden’s proposed 100-Day Plan after becoming (p)Resident. And, we know this from his selection for Vice (p)Resident: Former Senator Kamala Harris, the most liberal member of the US Senate in 2019, whom some consider a “Trojan Horse” for the Democrats’ ultimate goal of eliminating poverty, inequality, and injustice by eliminating the two systems America has enjoyed and profited by since its’ founding almost 245 years ago:

A Constitutional Republicwhen exercised properly, responsible for the most and greatest individual freedoms of any society -
and Capitalismresponsible for the greatest reduction of world  poverty -
throughout the history of mankind.

What new walls – or “fences“, according to Poet Robert Frost – will emerge if the Liberal Democrats are successful in tearing down America’s two most important “Walls” against Global Socialism?

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