It’s a Breitbart Headline!

What Breitbart actually wrote on their home page:

“Texas AG Ken Paxton: Google Can Use Personal Information and Billions of Dollars Against Its Political Opponents”

(Note while I’m fastidious at providing links to sources and factual information in my posts I will not provide direct links to Breitbart: Click here to run a search which should include the article with the title.)

Once you click the headline and read the article itself it’s clear the Attorney General of Texas, Ken Paxton, did not rule, allow, or suggest that Google has or legally can use their information and resources to go after people they don’t support, only that they “could” use them at some future date, and possibly against him for filing an antitrust suit against Google for their ad practices.

In my opinion Breitbart’s headline is misleading, while their article is accurate, if only one-sided (see below).

What’s Breitbart probably should have written, if accuracy was their intent:

“Texas AG Ken Paxton: Google Could Use Personal Information and Billions of Dollars Against Its Political Opponents”

And, for context, it might have been nice to know that Texas AG Ken Paxton is embroiled in his own scandal for spending millions of dollars of taxpayer money on outside law firms to handle his lawsuit against Google, and for seeking millions more. This in addition to the FBI investigating possible bribery charges against him for allegedly helping a campaign donor.

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