Persevering through “Seven Minutes of Terror”

After a trip of about 300,000,000 miles NASA’s latest rover, “Perseverance” will spend the last 7 minutes of its’ seven-month long flight to Mars attempting to survive what NASA calls “7 minutes of terror”: A 1600-degree Fahrenheit atmospheric entry involving a protective heat shield, eight reaction jet thrusters, the world’s largest & strongest supersonic parachute, a “sky crane”, and 76 explosive devices, and all choreographed automatically using a plethora of sensors managed by some incredibly smart software.

If it all works correctly it’ll look like this:

…placing the Perseverance Rover into the Jezero Crater to sample the geology and look for signs of life on our nearest planet.

Learn more about it by visiting my previous posting on this, or by visiting NASA’s Official Website for the Perseverance Mission

And, watch NASA’s live feed of the landing here:
Perseverance Mars Rover Landing – Live

Good luck, NASA, and…

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