“Meat” another Junk Scientist.

While enjoying one of McDonald’s oh-so-tasty McRib sandwiches (yes, I know some say it’s bad for you, but I figure if the First Lady can indulge, so can I… besides, it’s for a “Limited Time” only), I was surprised to read this recent news story, courtesy of the Associated Press:

Committee: Dutch professor faked data for years“, By Toby Sterling, Associated Press, Nov. 3, 11:41 AM EST

Seems University of Tilburg Prof. Diederik Stapel, in his own words, “…manipulated study data and fabricated investigations…”, including one linking anti-social behavior to the consumption of meat.

Frankly, it didn’t surprise me at all that his actions may have resulted from competitive pressures, job self-preservation, the alluring possibility of academic/social status, or hopes for continued funding. Also didn’t surprise me that he include his students in performing the underlying “research”.

What really surprised me was that he’s from The University of Tilburg: After reading the AP news story, I figured he was working here on this.

Update: Prof. Stapel shouldn’t be so critical of himself – seems he’s not the only one to fabricate or invent data to make it fit a desired outcome: Dr. Ann Maest of Straus Consulting, along with the company’s lawyer, decided that data showing groundwater pollution only existed directly below an extraction pit run by Chevron in Ecuador wasn’t enough to compel Chevron to stop their operation. What should they do? Apparently, just ignore the data and make up the data they need.

Thanks for reading!

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