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This is not me sitting by the beach :-(Well, July 4th has come and gone, and that means Summer is essentially over: Retailers are marking down whatever Summer merchandise they were able to stock and parents are already shopping for back-to-school supplies, reluctant children in tow (if you think I’m being too pessimistic, I knew a co-worker who proclaimed June 21th the official beginning of the End of Summer, as every successive day got shorter).

With my rambling fully warmed up it’s about time to officially ramble:

  • I always knew the main character in the popular sitcom “Grace Under Fire” shared the same name as the wife of Rainier III, Prince of Monaco: Grace Kelly. What I suddenly realized was one of the fictional firms she worked for was a petroleum company called “CBD Oil“. Clever.
  • I recently read Queensland, Australia has installed new, high-tech surveillance cameras capable of detecting if you’re using your cell phone (or doing anything else illegal) while driving. The bad news? An infraction can cost up to $750. The good news? The system only works reliably up to 186 mph. Perhaps I should consider a new Summer car.
  • As I write this the 2021 Boston Red Sox have the fourth-best record in Major League Baseball (behind the Dodgers, Giants, White Sox, and Astros) and the second-best in the American League. And, they still don’t have pitchers Chris Sale (arguably their best pitcher) and Tanner Houck (a strong right-hander) back in the lineup. It’s too early – but too tempting – to hope we’re seeing a repeat of 2004.

Thanks for Reading!

FYI: Photo credit: Brigitta Schneiter @brisch27, taken Nov. 28, 2019, as published on Unsplash.com and used under License. Thanks, Brigitta!

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