Biden Builds Belligerence Back Better

As America’s questionably-elected President Joe Biden* has been giving a lot away during his (currently) 219 days as Leader of the Free World, Commander-in-Chief, and Connoisseur of Ice Cream.

He’s given the border to illegal aliens, America’s energy independence to the Middle East, an oil and gas pipeline to Russia, free college to the disabled, more pay to Federal Contractors, 27% more money to 42 million Food Stamp recipients…and, perhaps, soon to give the island of Taiwan to China.

All this, and much more, during just the first 218 days of his 1,460 day (p)Residency.

And now, by surrendering Afghanistan to the Taliban and abandoning Americans there to their fate, Biden* has given the Taliban a veritable bonanza of military equipment, as Tim Naples recently detailed on Twitter[1]:

“One has to consider the Afghanistan ‘failure’ wasn’t a failure at all but rather an operation. List of goodies left behind:”

And this list may not be complete.

Former President Trump built border security, a stronger economy, real wage growth, energy independence, better relationships with our allies, safer communities, National Pride, and more.

(p)Resident Biden* – with your taxpayer dollars – has literally built a insurgent military force who is no friend to the West, and especially to the United States.

[1] Note I’ve cleaned up Tim’s thread, corrected spelling errors, itemized items, added additional information from other sources, and added links to detailed descriptions of various items.
[2] Source: Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR)

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