COVID-19′s a Crime, Other Viruses are Just Fine!

pResident Joseph ROBinette Biden Jr., who promised to “Fix Trump’s testing-and-tracing fiasco“ announced on Thursday he’s signed an Executive Order ordering  Federal Employees and Government Contractors to get the COVID-19 vaccination whether or not they already have COVID-19 antibodies, and asked OSHA to issue a Emergency Temporary Standard ordering all businesses with 100 or more employees to prove all their employees have been vaccinated or are undergoing weekly COVID-19 testing, with stiff fines for non-compliance.

So, if you’re a Federal Employee or Contractor concerned the President has removed your Freedom-of-Choice, an employee in a private company upset the President won’t accept the results of a COVID-19 Antibodies Test as proof of natural immunity (which apparently is better than any lab-created vaccine), or wondering why “My body, my choice!” only applies to women wanting to terminate a life, here’s something to consider:


If You Have One of these Highly Contagious Viruses: You are Still Allowed to:

Chicken Pox
Common Cold (Rhinovirus)
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B
Hepatitis C
Measles (Rubeola)
Pertussis (Whooping Cough)
Staphylococcus (Staph)
Strep Throat

Dine in a Restaurant
Enjoy a Concert
Fly in an Aircraft
Go to School
Go to Work
Hang out at a Bar
Pray in Your House of Worship
Ride in a Bus or Train
Shop for Groceries
Sit in a Sports Stadium
Spend time in a Casino
Visit a Movie Theater
Walk though a Shopping Mall
Work out in a Gym

And, remember this, from a July 23rd, 2021 White House Press Briefing:

“Question: [Alabama Governor Kay Ivey] says that she doesn’t know what else she can do at this point, that she’s hit a brick wall with trying to convince people to get vaccinated.  Is that a sign that perhaps the federal government should step in and issue mandates? And if not, are you putting the needs of unvaccinated people ahead of the needs of vaccinated people?

MS. JEN PSAKI: Well, I think the question here — one, that’s not the role of the federal government; that is the role that institutions, private-sector entities, and others may take.  That certainly is appropriate.  Also, local communities are going to take steps they need to take in order to protect people in their communities.”

Thanks for Reading! (And, a tip of the ol’ Red Sox cap to syndicated broadcaster and TV producer Mike Opelka for providing the original version of the chart from which my expanded chart in this posting is based.)

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