Coal: China’s Christmas Gift to the World.

Take your lumps! Coal: A sedimentary, combustible black rock formed from dead plants subjected to moisture and pressure over millions of years, it has been used to provide heat, light, and power to the world as far back as 4,000 BC in Shenyang, the capital of the Liaoning region of China.

This Christmas Season don’t worry about what Santa’s going to do with coal: Worry about what China’s actually doing with coal right now.

“The Paris Agreement is a milestone in the history of climate governance. We must ensure this endeavor is not derailed. All parties should work together to implement the Paris Agreement. China will continue to take steps to tackle climate change and fully honor its obligations”
- Xi Jinping, President of Communist China, January 18, 2017, in Geneva Switzerland

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Who’s the world’s largest COAL PRODUCER?


Chart: World's largest energy producers

Who’s the world’s largest COAL CONSUMER?


Energy Consumption by Fuel, various Countries

Who’s the world’s largest consumer of COAL-FIRED POWER?


Top Coal Consumers Worldwide

Who’s the world’s largest builder of COAL-FIRED PLANTS?


Coal Fired Build Rate

Who’s the world’s largest financier of coal-fired plants outside of China?


Who’s planning the world’s largest capacity of FUTURE COAL-FIRED PLANTS?


Coal Fired Build Rate

Who’s the world’s largest CARBON POLLUTER?


World Carbon Emissions

Who has 22 of the world’s Top 50 Most Polluted cities?


China pollution map, 2018

And, who’s the world’s largest PRODUCER OF SOLAR PANELS?


World Solar Panel Production

Under the United Nations’ Paris Agreement signed by 192 countries, including China, the United Nations defines China as a “Developing Country”, and thus gives China until 2030 to reduce their carbon pollution levels: The rest of the world (except for India) not only must reduce their pollution levels now, but assist in China’s development.

And, the Paris Agreement doesn’t include any way to hold countries responsible and accountable should they fail to reduce their pollution levels: Only assurances from each country that they’ll do what they’re promised to do.

And it seems like China may already be backing away from whatever promises they made:

“[The carbon targets of the Paris Agreement] should not affect [China's] overall economic and social development.
- Han Wenxiu, China’s Central Committee for Financial and Economic Affairs, December, 2021

China’s worldwide goal is powered by fossil-fuel coal.

Thanks for Reading! (and, Merry Christmas!)

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