Hear (Ghislaine) Maxwell’s Silver Hammer Fall

“P. C. Thirty-One
Said “We caught a dirty one”
Maxwell stands alone
Painting testimonial pictures
Oh, oh, oh, oh”
- “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer,
John Lennon & Paul McCartney,

©1969 Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

The sure-to-be sensational trial of socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of famous publisher Robert Maxwell and close associate to Jeffrey Epstein begins today in a Federal Court in Manhattan NY. Ms. Maxwell is charged with enticement, transportation, and trafficking of a minor, along with three counts of conspiracy to engage in such acts, in order to provide minors for sexual purposes to Jeffrey Epstein and allegedly his associates.

U.S. District Judge Allison Nathan, an Obama-appointed judge, having already rejected four bail requests for Ms. Maxwell and later ruling the public had the “Right” to watch jury selection has closed her courtroom to live-video feeds and streaming.

Note under a 1944 Federal Law United States Federal law court trials are not televised; however, you may still be able to listen to the court proceedings by telephone:

How to (maybe) listen to the Ghislaine Maxwell court proceedings by telephone:

Dial 1-844-721-7237
Enter Access Code 9991787
Good luck.

Thanks for Reading!

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