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Biden podría tener razón: ¡Compre una escopeta!

Un venezolano en TikTok quiere que sus amigos invadan y se apoderen de hogares estadounidenses. Créeme, es una muy mala idea. Continue reading

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Connecticut’s a “Gun-Free Zone”? (Maybe…for a Month)

Does Connecticut really want to make the State essentially a “Gun-Free Zone”? For at least 31 days of the year I’d say “Yes!”, and here’s why. Continue reading

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Video: Black Man Defends 30 Rounds in 30 Seconds

Jerone Davison’s 30-second Campaign Ad is a powerful statement in defense of 2nd Amendment Rights. Makes me wish I could vote for him. Continue reading

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Biden’s Profound Prescience on Today’s Unrest?

Did Presidential Candidate Joe Biden predict the rioting and self-defense we see today? Read his own words. Continue reading

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