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Stressed by Islamic Terrorists? Play “Whack-a-Jihadist!”

Stressed out by the atrocities of Palestine’s Islamic terrorists against Israel? Help relieve your stress by playing “Whack-a-Jihadist!”, it’s free! Continue reading

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Pop Quiz: Are you 10% Right or 90% Wrong?

Test your brain with this math question that over 90% of people get wrong because of that tricky last step. Try it and see! Continue reading

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About that “Red Wave” on Election Day…

Some are saying a “Red Wave is Coming!” on Election Day. HINT: A “Red Wave” isn’t coming, it’s far more important than that, so Vote! Continue reading

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Biden is Correct: Election Deniers DO Exist!

When Joe Biden claimed election deniers DO exist I actually agree with him. But, not for the same reasons. Read on to discover why. Continue reading

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It not Just Baseball, it’s “Baseball Dating”

Baseball, a right of Spring, has officially started. And, with Spring also a time for love, it’s time to start “Baseball Dating”. Play ball! Continue reading

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I’m a Random Ramblin’ Man – Circling the Bowl Edition!

Let’s see: Big day for football, big problems in the Ukraine, and big country hosting some sporting event…time to ramble! Continue reading

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