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It’s Memeory Time for the Labor Daze!

Happy Labor Day, America! Before I said “Yes” to BBQ excess I created these Memeories for you to enjoy as you slip into your “Labor Daze”. Continue reading

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It’s Memeory Taco Tuesday Trademark Time!

It’s Taco Tuesday Time…but, not before I work up an appetite creating some deliciously spicy memeories for you to savor! Continue reading

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Meme of the Moment: Biden Builds Back Maui Better!

After 13 days Joe Biden finally visits the fire-ravaged island of Maui, and promises to rebuild it. How he might do it makes for a great meme. Continue reading

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Some “Dad Jokes” for all you Folks

Personally, I think “Dad Jokes” put too much blame on dads. Regardless, here are some “Dad Jokes” even dads might find lame. Enjoy! Continue reading

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Know Your “Election Deniers”!

In US Elections plenty of candidates claimed their win was stolen: This handy chart shows some of them, and why Trump’s situation is different. Continue reading

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