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Let’s Enjoy a MAGA-nificent Monday!

It’s the Fourth of July Holiday Week, so why not start it off by celebrating good news for Conservatives and enjoying a MAGA-nificant Monday! Continue reading

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Gotta Hand it to Fenway, this FAIL has Fans all Wet

I’ve got to hand it to those folks at Fenway Park: Those automatic hand dryers are conveniently inconvenient, thanks to one small detail. Continue reading

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Hip, Hip, Hooray! It’s Baseball’s Opening Day!

I’ve been waiting for Tomorrow all of my life, and it’s finally here: Hip, Hip, Hooray, it’s Baseball’s Opening Day! (Nuff Said). Continue reading

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Sox get a Leg Up against Detroit for the Series Win

If the Red Sox want to make the post season they’ll need a leg up: Sounds incredible, but last Sunday a fan helped them by doing just that. Continue reading

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The Red Sox: American League? Try “Little League”.

Going to Fenway Park to watch the Boston Red Sox play like a Little League Team? Not exactly a “Priceless” MasterCard moment. Just watch. Continue reading

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Fenway Fans Turn the Bud Lights Off

The Red Sox turned off the Blue Jays lights’ by sweeping them in a four-game series…while the fans were turning the “Bud” lights off ;-) Continue reading

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