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Take a “Shot” at the “COVID Vaccine Wheel-of-Misfortune”!

Did YOU get shot with a COVID Vaccine? Take a “shot” at the COVID Vaccine Wheel-of-Misfortune: It’s risk-free, unlike the vaccines. Continue reading

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Let’s not Forget: Islam’s a “Religion of Peace”

Islam’s “Religion of Peace” sure is violent, especially their latest attack on Israel. Read on to find out just how violent, and the simple reason why. Continue reading

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Bidenomics’ Best Kept Secret in one Chart

If you’re enjoying Biden’s economy perhaps you haven’t been told Bidenomics’ Best Kept Secret: Read it here and you may enjoy it less. Continue reading

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It’s Memeory Time for a Monday Mourning

It’s Memeory Time again, but Memeories are few thanks to my new game “Whack-a-Jihadist!”. Be sure to check them both out! Continue reading

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Women, Find out if you have Cinderella’s Luck.

Dreaming of being Cinderella meeting her handsome, young, successful prince? Check your odds with this handy calculator…and, keep dreaming. Continue reading

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Uh Oh: Singapore Invaded my Shore!

FYI: While stopping Amazon’s invasion from Singapore my blog went missing in action: My blog is back, and I hope Singapore isn’t. Read more. Continue reading

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