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Tuesday Tacos Means More Memeory Time!

Yep, it’s Taco Tuesday and that means more Memeories! And while I’m rather sedate some of the Memeories sure aren’t. Look and see if you agree. Continue reading

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Let’s Sing! Disney’s Woke Wish Upon a Star

Disney’s “Wish Upon a Star” to profit from Wokeness seems to have backfired bigly… Seems it’s time to help Jiminy Cricket sing a new version of his Classic Song! Continue reading

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So Wrong! Columbia Untisemity News Interviews Hamas

What’s “So Wrong!” about this video? That two fake Columbia University students are interviewing a Hamas Terrorist? Or that the video will be censored? Continue reading

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BLM: “Brandon Labels Matter!”

American Airlines provides BLM lapel pins but not BLM luggage tags? They must be doing something “special”. Continue reading

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The Left is Looney Tunes

I defend Warner Brothers Looney Tunes against the Looney Left, even if it is about eight months too late. Continue reading

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Why Houston Should Lose the World Series.

Boston lost to Houston so Houston should lose to Atlanta. But, not just because of baseball. Read more. Continue reading

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