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I’m a Random Ramblin’ Man!

Let’s see: Taxes done, ObamaCare signup complete, Easter candy digested, Red Sox already stink… looks like it’s a good time to ramble! Continue reading

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Brian Dennehy’s a Red Sox Fan?!?

Watching the Red Sox losing to the Yankees at Fenway wasn’t nearly as entertaining as realizing an actual entertainer was sitting right nearby. Click to find out who. Continue reading

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If Liberals Ran Major League Baseball.

Instead of nationalizing GM, health care, and student loans, Liberals should have chosen a more manageable target first ; say, like Major League Baseball. Continue reading

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Tom’s Talkin’ Trash?!?

I thought the New York tabloids had reached a new low in their definition of “trash talking” until I remembered New York’s definition of “Good Sportsmanship” is vastly different than everyone else’s. Continue reading

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It’s Valentine’s Day for the Red Sox

I read today that the Red Sox selected former New York Mets Manager Bobby Valentine as their new Manager, filling the job vacated by Terry Francona in September, 2011 following the worst late-season collapse in Red Sox history. (Don’t gloat, … Continue reading

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Let’s go A-wassailing at Fenway!

It’s that time of year again when the marketing guys at Fenway Park (MY most-beloved ball park, regardless of what some baseball fans might think) announce their “Jingle your way to Fenway” contest, where you can win one of a … Continue reading

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