Fujica ST-701 SLRI fondly remember the first serious camera I ever owned. I was in high school and thought it would be fun to be a yearbook photographer.  Rather than use my Dad's Bell & Howell "Electric Eye 127", or his seemingly archaic 1950's Kodak "Pony 135 Model C", I asked him if I could have a fancy 35mm single-lens-reflex (SLR) camera: "Sure!", he replied, "All's you have to do is earn enough money to buy it." After a prolonged period of doing the chores of grateful neighbors for money, my Dad and I walked into a local Lechmere Sales where I bought a Fujica ST-701 SLR: A camera that persevered through several yearbooks, numerous vacations, dropping into a lake, and the loss of the America's Cup. I eventually outgrew the camera, selling it and all it's accessories at a tag sale to a young family looking for their first "true camera"; however, I never outgrew the lesson my Dad taught me: To really appreciate  something (or someone) you've got to work for it.

Although I enjoy photographing sports, candids, and landscapes (ie: "postcard" shots), most of the galleries right now involve the Boston Red Sox: I've been a big Sox fan for many years, and have been blessed wth sitting in some fantastic seats during my visits to Fenway Park. I plan to add some photos from my "film days" as I dig them out and scan them in. Not too many, just a few of my better photos.

Hardware & Technique:

My equipment is fairly basic: A Canon PowerShot S3 IS, 6-megapixel digital camera that I'm very impressed with, and a seldom-used, now-classic Nikon FG SLR 35mm film camera with a variety of lenses. "Automatic" is my preferred exposure setting, although years of using a manual film camera have taught me when to not to trust it. I never use burst mode or motor drives (just a good sense of anticipation!), and usually bracket exposure on important landscapes.
Thanks for reading!