What Medal Doesn't Belong? Solution.

Did you select the Communist Medal, because it only has one person, or perhaps the Obama/Biden Medal, because it's the only one having a person of color?

Well, both of those answers are incorrect!

The correct answer? They ALL belong! Except for President Paul von Hindenburg of Germany, all the people shown in the badges believe in a highly-centralized, autocratic, tightly-controlled, single-party Socialist government.

Question: Which Medal Doesn't Belong?

 1:  Medal 1Germany - "Hindenburg Hitler Joint Leadership Table Medal, 1933", commmemorating the transfer of power from the old, Democratic Weimar Republic established in 1919 to the new National Socialist Government.
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Medal #22: Soviet Union - "Partisan of the Patriotic War, 2nd Class, 1947", commemorating World War II Soviet partisans who fought deep behind enemy lines to defeat Germany and preserve the Union of Soviet Socialists Republic.
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Medal 33: Communist China - Chairman Mao with Tian’anmen and red flags below. Unknown, but  possibly one of many different badges commemorating China's  Cultural Revolution which brutally transformed it from a Parliamentary Republic to a Communist Socialist state. (image source)
Medal 4 4: United States of America - "Obama/Biden 2nd Innaugural Medallion, 2013", commemorating President Barack Hussein Obama and Vice President Joseph R. Biden's 2nd term of transforming America from a Constitutional Republic to a centralized, highly nationalized, Socialist country.
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