Know Your “Revolutions”!

While having some lunch on Wednesday, January 6th I turned on the news and noticed there was an awful lot of “Constitutional Rights” being exercised at our nation’s capital in Washington D.C. at the exact same time the U.S. Congress was in session to exercise their own “Constitutional Powers” to certify a person as President of the United States.

Astute readers will notice the subtle distinction: Everyone in America has Constitutional Rights, including members of Congress, but only Congress has Constitutional Powers. As our duly – and, hopefully, fairly and honestly – elected representatives, the members of Congress exercise their powers ostensibly on our behalf.

The “mostly peaceful” pro-Constitution supporters of President Trump who visited Washington D.C. on that day got me to thinking about how the events of that one day – one might say “Revolutionary events” – compared to other recent protests in America’s history. And, after reflecting on all the protests which have happened during 2020 I wondered if in America today are there now “Acceptable” and “Unacceptable” Revolutions?

“Acceptable” Protests “Unacceptable” Protests
Black Lives Matter” Protests

Numerous Democrat Cities, USA

Occupy Wall Street” Protests

Select Democrat Cities, USA

World Trade Organization” Protest

Seattle WA
“Disputed 2020 Election” Protest

Washington D.C.
  • Gather in a large group
  • March in unison
  • Dress in an intimidating manner
  • Chant obsessively
  • Carry profane signs & flags
  • Call the results of a recent incident ”unfair”, “unjust”, or “discriminatory”
  • Listen to speakers talk about destroying or replacing people, laws, processes, systems
  • Demand instant justice by lawmakers, regardless of cost
  • Block streets
  • Intimidate innocent bystanders
  • Be confrontational & aggressive
  • Target perceived enemies
  • Vandalize private property
  • Loot others’ possessions
  • Set cars & buildings ablaze
  • Assault law enforcement
  • Assault their own members
  • Occupy portions of the area
  • Erect barricades to entry
  • Establish “Independence Zones
  • Create independent laws
  • Injure innocent people
  • Kill
  • Gather in a large group
  • March in unison
  • Chant for Freedom, Liberty, and Democracy
  • Carry the American or Gadsden Flags, or other patriotic flags or banners
  • Call the results of a recent incident ”unfair”, “illegal”, or “discriminatory”
  • Listen to speakers air grievances and defend America and her Founding principles
  • Demand lawmakers listen to your requests and act under appropriate laws
  • Respect the property of others
  • Refrain from vandalizing or looting
  • Don’t set fire to anything
  • Respect, but be firm with, law enforcement
  • Leave innocent people alone
  • Get killed
How the Press Reported it How the Press Reported it

Click here to view a video montage of press reports sympathetic to Liberal Protesters.

Click here to view a video montage of press reports critical of Conservative Protesters.

“Acceptable” Behavior?

“Unacceptable” Behavior?Meme: Capitol Protesters, Jan. 6th, 2021

The last time the United States Capitol Building was “breached” by more than a handful of people was back in 1814, when a more powerful British Empire sought to stop the United States’ expansion to the West and block US trade with France…and, perhaps, re-colonize the country under Parliamentary Law – where the accused are presumed guilty and must prove their innocence. That a group of Conservative, Pro-American protesters “breached” the Capitol over 200 years later in an effort to preserve the integrity of our election process – and, our Constitutional Republic – by demanding the verification of questionable election results provides an interesting juxtaposition.

And, after comparing how certain Liberal groups which caused destruction in cities like Minneapolis, Seattle, Philly, Kenosha,  and 16 other states during 2020 at a cost of $1,000,000,000 to $2,000,000,000 (that’s “billions” of dollars) and harmed to innocent people were viewed and described compared to Conservatives involved in one protest at our Nation’s Capitol it’s should come as no surprise when President Trump told the protesters inside the Capitol and the Nation:

“You’ve seen what happens. You see the way others are treated that are so bad and so evil.”

And, as he’s been many times during his Presidency, he was right.

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