Another Biden* Accomplishment? Call the Press!

Today at 1 PM Eastern Standard Time the holder of America’s highest political office, Leader of the Free World, and Commander-in-Chief of perhaps the World’s most power nuclear arsenal – Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. – will achieve his latest “accomplishment”:

64 Days between his inauguration as America’s Leader and his first solo press conference.

It’s the longest delay of any United States President over the last 100 years, as this handy chart from clearly points out:

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Hypocritical Asian Cook-King?

The late-night murders of 8 people of Asian descent at three Atlanta Georgia area Asian Massage Parlors on Tuesday March 16th, 2021 by a 21-year old, self-described “Incel” was both unfortunate and abhorrent.

And, despite Law Enforcement stating there’s no current evidence the incident  was motivated by racism or hatred, Tim Cook, the Chief Executive Officer of Apple, Inc. – one of the world’s largest and most profitable technology companies – had this to say on Twitter:

Tim Cook @tim_cook · Mar 18 2021
“The horrific violence against the Asian community, as evidenced by Tuesday’s murders in Georgia, calls us all to speak up and take action. We grieve for those lost and stand firmly with our Asian family. We’re supporting groups working against racism & xenophobia.”

While I applaud Tim Cook’s statement – I’m strongly against the spread of racism or xenophobia – I take exception to his drawing an instant, and currently baseless, connection between the tragic death of Asians and those persistent, perhaps unstoppable, social ills.

In fact, if I had a Twitter account my response to Tim Cook might have been this:

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MI Judge Rules Election Laws Broken? What?!?

What happened during the 2020 Presidential Election:

How Joe Biden reclaimed Michigan for the Democrats
Erin Einhorn, Nov. 4, 2020

What the Press reported:

Courts rejected claims of fraud, misconduct in legal challenges to Michigan election
- Dave Boucher, Paul Egan, Clara Hendrickson, Detroit Free Press, December 11th, 2020

What the Judge in the State of Michigan wrote:
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Camera Shy? Maybe You Should be Detained.

For me, it was just an ordinary Sunday: After walking out of my residence within full view of surveillance cameras, driving through traffic intersections with monitoring cameras mounted high on traffic posts, enjoying casual dining at my local Taco Bell under the watchful eyes of multiple security cameras, making a quick stop at the shopping mall to return something (with cameras no doubt everywhere), and taking a long drive to the nearest casino, where cameras are as plentiful and obvious as acne on a teenager, I sat down at a slot machine to see a woman at the machine at least six feet away from me using her cell phone camera to record a large jackpot she just won.

And suddenly it dawned on me: Wow, cameras are EVERYWHERE!

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Joke of the Day: Biden* Learns to Count

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told President Joe Biden*: “This morning, three Brazilian people died from the COVID-19 immunization.”

The blood drained from the president’s face and Biden suddenly collapsed on the floor, shocking everyone around him.

A minute passed and to everyone’s relief, he got up and slowly sat well back in his chair.

His staff watched in stunned silence as the President of the United States, Commander-in-Chief, and Leader of the Free World, sat there, head in his hands.

Finally, Joe looked up, and with a shaky quivering voice asked Dr. Fauci, “How many is a Brazilian?”

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