Here’s Your Trump Prescription!

With less than one week before the United States of America swears in Donald J. Trump as its’ 46th President, some of the people who voted for his campaign opponents – especially Hillary Rodham Clinton – might feel a bit unwell.

(And, by “some people”, I’m referring to Liberals, Progressives, Socialists, Communists, Illegal Aliens, Welfare Cheats, Self-aggrandizing Democrat Politicians, Global Warming Alarmists, most of the Hollywood Elitists, Obscenely-rich Globalists, “Basement Dwellers“, “Taco Bowls“, “Special Snowflakes“, “Community Organizers“, Wall Street Occupiers, Dead Chicago Voters, and, of course, Illegal Voters nationwide because “Every Vote Counts”…but, I digress)

It’s a feeling I can relate to: I honestly and completely believed in my heart the 2003 Boston Red Sox were going to win the ALCS against the “Evil Empire” New York Yankees – until, at the last minute, Manager Jimy Williams decided to keep Pedro Martinez in the game, which the Sox eventually lost in extra innings. The next day I called in sick, not because of my non-existent  hangover, but from the illness-inducing realization that just because I wanted the Sox to win, I believed they could win, I was praying they’d win, and that they were actually winning didn’t guarantee they would. (If you’re a Yankees fan, just substitute the 2004 ALCS to feel instantly worse.)

My day off gave me time to reflect and remember it’s just a game, everybody wants to win, there can only be one winner, the winner may not be you, there’s always another game, and it pays to be a good sport for the sake of the game – you know, all those things I learned as a kid from my parents and gym teachers. The kind of things some people may have forgotten.

So, if you voted for Hillary Clinton, who everybody-and-their-Mother believed would win the election hands down in a landslide, or you voted for Bernie “My Wife Bankrupted A College” Sanders, Jill “Bulldozer Graffitti Artist” Stein, or Gary “Where is Allepo?” Johnson, and your having problems coping with Trump’s victory, then I’ve got just the prescription for you:

Simply pick the symptom(s) which best describes you to discover your 2017 prescription for wellness.

If this Describes You…

…perhaps this remedy will help: (click image to enlarge)

Despite stating I’m a calm, passive, peace-loving Liberal, Trump’s election makes me want to scream, shout, show defiance, be completely uncooperative and subvert the political process and established laws until I get my way. Label for the "drug" TRUMTANTRIUM
After 40 years of the Clinton’s political intrigue, shady investments, adulterous behavior, failed foreign policy, theft of government property, and a bunch of mysterious yet timely deaths I find it difficult to act like a normal, moral, upstanding, responsible person. Label for the "drug" DECLINTOX
I simply can’t accept the fact that Hillary Clinton lost the election, even though she put sensitive government information on a personal server which was hacked, failed to campaign in Wisconsin and Michigan, exhibited numerous health problems, engaged in pay-for-play while Secretary of State, ran a shady “Charitable Foundation”, oversaw a failed foreign policy which destabilized at least four countries and resulted in the death of a US Ambassador, and wore pantsuits: Obviously, it was Russian Hacking! Label for the "drug" LIBSULOSTITOL
Liberals claim to embrace diversity, promote inclusion, champion equality, and practice tolerance, yet when Liberals stereotype me as being “Deplorable”, it makes me feel marginalized, excluded, and untolerated. Label for the "drug" DEPLORITOL
I’m almost at the point of a complete mental breakdown after watching how my Socialist candidate Bernie Sanders was systematically destroyed by the coordinated efforts of the Democratic National Committee, the Clinton Campaign, and the Mainstream Media! Label for the "drug" SANDERTORIUM
After eight years of Barack Hussein Obama’s targeting of Christians, Conservatives, Caucasians, Legal Gun Owners, the Police, financially successful people, conventional energy sources, and Israel, along with his failed foreign, health care, immigration, and economic policies, I’m feeling physically weak, emotionally drained, mentally frustrated, and economically less secure. Label for the "drug" BARRYUM
I want to Make America Great Again for every legal US resident regardless of race, color, creed, religion, sexual persuasion, or political affiliation – including those hypocritical Liberals – by helping to  protect America’s best interests, enforce immigration & election laws, reduce waste, fraud, and corruption, preserve our Constitutional Rights, and create more jobs. Label for the "drug" MAGA-nesium

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These non-existent products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Thanks for reading!

(oh, and remember: those images are Copyrighted :-)

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Phil Forecasts Final Finish For Fenway Fans!

Although I’m a BIG Red Sox fan, I honestly don’t take much interest in them until about 2 weeks before the season starts and my season tickets arrive I’ve finally finished my taxes: Sure, I’ll listen to a preseason game or two (or three), but frankly that’s about it until I settle into a seat at Fenway for my first game (I’ll be the one wearing the Red Sox snap back cap and screaming “He couldn’t hit the ground if he fell!”, or something equally annoying yet civil…but, I digress)

Once again my colleague and all-around-cool-guy Phil has approached my with his (apparently yearly) Red Sox prediction, which once again I’m only too glad to write down:

The 2017 Red Sox will win 94 games.

I must say it’s a more conservative prediction compared to his previous and rather ambitious ones (see here and here), but – added bonus! – he’s graciously supplied some justification:

On the negative side, Mitch Moreland, while a nice pickup at 1st base, wasn’t hired as a Big Papi replacement, and Sandy Leon appears to be regressing.

However, E-Rod, Barnes and Kelly look to do better in 2017, and the addition of Chris Sale in the starting rotation is a BIG plus (Ed: Although Phil, for the last 3 years the Sox have had a fantastic rotation on paper, but not so much during the year ;-) And, Andrew Benintendi’s performance last year – despite only playing a partial season – bodes well for 2017, even if he continues to play at his 2016 level.

The wildcard in all of this is Pablo “Panda” Sandoval: If he arrives slimmer, healthier, and more productive then he should – with Benintendi’s and Moreland’s help – make up for Papi’s departure. Basically, the season’s success depends on him.

Well, good luck Phil with your prediction! Now, I’m predicting Punxsutawney Phil won’t see his shadow on February 2: I want to watch some early-season Sox games without my winter gear :-)

Thanks for reading!

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Hillary Clinton Supports Donald Trump?!?

As the 2016 Presidential Campaign comes to a close (assuming, of course, neither Hillary nor Trump dispute the results of what will almost certainly be a fair, honest, unbiased, and above-board election process…yeah, right ) it’s interesting to learn that Hillary may, in fact, secretly support a person such as Donald Trump for President of the United States.

Here’s what she said during a speaking engagement with Goldman Sachs in 2013:

MALE ATTENDEE: My question is, as entrepreneurs, we risk a lot. And Mike Bloomberg had 30 billion other reasons than to take office. Do we need a wholesale change in Washington that has more to do with people that don’t need the job than have the job?

SECRETARY CLINTON: That’s a really interesting question. You know, I would like to see more successful business people run for office. I really would like to see that because I do think, you know, you don’t have to have 30 billion, but you have a certain level of freedom. And there’s that memorable phrase from a former member of the Senate: You can be maybe rented but never bought. And I think it’s important to have people with those experiences. And especially now, because many of you in this room are on the cutting edge of technology or health care or some other segment of the economy, so you are people who look over the horizon. And coming into public life and bringing that perspective as well as the success and the insulation that success gives you could really help in a lot of our political situations right now.

Source:“SECRETARY HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON, SPEAKER AT GOLDMAN SACHS BUILDERS AND INNOVATORS SUMMIT, Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain, Marana, Arizona, Tuesday, October 29, 2013″, as attached to email “Goldman Sachs paid speeches”, to To:, et. al., 2016-01-23. See: Wikileaks email

Perhaps this is why the Clintons, the Mainstream media, the Democrat and Republican Establishments in Washington DC, Hedge Fund Managers, Wall Street, many large corporations, and nearly all of Hollywood are working so hard to prevent a Trump victory a little over a week from now: They all know just how much Trump might actually be able to do to “drain the swamp“.

Oh, and if you want to read about ninety nine more (and counting!) of the most damaging things revealed by Wikileaks then just head over to this website. Or, search through Wikileaks yourself and try to discover even more interesting tidbits for your entertainment.

Thanks for reading!

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Enjoy Some Free Word Search Puzzles!

(Where did this image go?!?)
I’ve found word search puzzles a very relaxing way to pass the time while I’m sitting in the bathroom “thinking”, reclining at the beach “sightseeing”, or standing in line for a couple hours at the Department of Motor Vehicles “being helped”, and thought it might be fun to create a few.

Dozens of free puzzles are currently available, including one for even the most dedicated word search fan containing 273 hidden words.

All the puzzles are absolutely free, so if you’re a word search fan why not why not download some and enjoy wasting time while you’re time’s being wasted? Just click the image at the right to view the entire list.

I’ll add new puzzles when the mood strikes me, so be sure to check back when the mood strikes you ;-)

Click here for Free Word Search Puzzles!

Thanks for reading!

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Hey Trump Fan: Are YOU a Deplorable?

Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign to “Make America Great Again” sure has attracted thousands of people from all walks of life to each of his rallies around the country. Many of these people no doubt have qualities that made and help to keep America the greatest country in the world: Motivated, responsible, hard-working, God-fearing, charitable, and patriotic being among them.

Unfortunately, half of these people are completely unaware they’re part of the “Basket of Deplorables” – and may even be irredeemable!

How do we know this? Because Democrat Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton has conclusively figured it out using her vast experience in social activism, commodities investing, womens’ rights, the White House, foreign policy, healthcare and subway turnstiles!

So, if YOU’RE fraught with worry that YOU might be a “Deplorable”, just take Hillary Clinton’s “DEPLOREOMETER” for a spin and put all your worries to rest: It’s quick, almost certainly unreliable, and might possibly make you “nowhere’s near tired” anymore…but at least (unlike Obamacare) it’s completely free!

(Hillary Clinton's DEPLOREOMETER: Click here to spin it!)

Check out “Hillary Clinton’s ‘Deploreometer’” for yourself!

(A tip of the Red Sox cap to The People’s Cube for the original concept :-)

Thanks for reading!

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